HostGator Web Hosting Review

HostGator states that they are one of the top 10 largest web hosting companies.
Maybe Hostgator is one of the largest web hosting firms, but is it one of the best?

The Ordering Process:
If you wanna order a web hosting plan from HostGator you have to fill up a few forms. This steps don’t take much time, but after finishing this there still is a final step in order to complete the payment. You will receive an email containing authentication instruction for the billing web page.
And to be honest, the billing software used by HostGator it is a bit complex for beginners.
HostGator needs to update it’s ordering forms and billing software, maybe they should learn a lesson from MediaTemple.

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Account Activation:
The account is automatically activated after finishing the payment process. This is something normal for web hosting firms using cPanel.

Ease of Use:
The account activation email contains everything needed in order to access the control panel, even before dns propagation.
The “Getting Started” web page it’s a bit hard to read and not very well organized.
As for control panel, there’s not much to say, HostGator is using cPanel.
cPanel is one of the most used and user friendly web hosting control panels available.

Used Software:
Not much to say here either, HostGator is keeping their servers up to date.
HostGator customized the web hosting control panel and added a few restrictions in order to keep a single user from eating up all available resources on a single server.
Restrictions for Hatchling plan:
– 25 max processes running at the same time
– 250,000 max inodes
– 25% max memory usage
– 25% max CPU usage
This restrictions are good for keeping users under control and the servers won’t get overwhelmed.

The support offered by HostGator is great, they are offering livechat, tickets, email and phone support.
The support department is doing he’s job as it should, they are answering phone calls 24/7, responding to live chat in under 5 minutes (I never had to wait more then 5 minutes, and the email support is as also responding fast.

Internet Connection:
HostGator picked as their data center “The Planet”. All I’ll say for now about The Planet is that this data center is offering good internet connectivity and up time. I’ll be testing a server from their data center soon.

The servers are secure since technical teams keep them up to date.
Mod Security seams to be installed and active, this is a good thing, mod_security offers protection against a large variety of attacks, including sql injections.

Hatchling Plan Features:
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Disk Space
1(One) Domains Allowed
50$ Google Credits

HostGator is doing a great job at offering support and good quality web hosting.

What’s Good about HostGator:
+ Unmetered bandwidth
+ Unlimited disk space
+ Great support
+ 99.9% up time
+ Up to date and secure servers
What’s Bad about HostGator:
– No Grid/Cluster hosting (single point of failure)
– Outdated website
– The documentation/FAQ is hard to read and complex for beginners
– No dedicated ip address for Hatchling plan

There’s no doubt that HostGator is doing a great job at offering good quality web hosting. I would put Hostgator in top 10 if they only had clusters (eliminating single points of failure) and an easy to navigate web site/documentation.