WebHostingPad review

WebHostingPad is one of the most popular companies hosing, which was founded in 2005. WebHostingPad is a division of Omnis Networks – a company that runs the hosting market since 1999 and currently manages over 200,000 accounts. WebHostingPad president is Gary Chon.

WebHostingPad as it happens in every hosting offers available to the Panel. This panel does not admire the graphics and visualization, but it is not what this is about, count functionality. But with them, and here is not good. The big minus is the only possible one FTP connection at any given time, which is very annoying when you want to send at once a large number of files and this could be done by logging in several times and each time you log on to send some part files. In WebHostingPad But this is impossible, so you have to be patient.

WebHostingPad also alleges that the company is slowly growing, though the market is not so short. Gives some examples such as BlueHost, HostGator, Lunarpages, JustHost, WebHostingPad which arose much later than WebHostingPad, and are already more developed, which also have more customers.

Many people also complains deceive WebHostingPad in collecting fees. At first glance, low price will tempt and encourage, but the low price, according to some people significantly increase after signing the agreement – perhaps it is because people rarely read the contract? Do not judge me.

As a condition of that hosting platform you can not complain. It has support for MySQL databases, PHP5, and is supported and it has UTF mbstring: supported, and so anything that the average person requires from the server where it is located. In addition, each server has 8 cores with 12 GB of RAM. To balance the load of a server cluster, the files are transferred over the network NetApp storage device. This ensures high availability and consistent performance for all user accounts.

WebHostingPad arouses much controversy. He has his ardent supporters, but also has many opponents. But undeniably, it is one of the cheaper hosting, which can be purchased.